Terms of Service

Please read our terms of service agreement very carefully, by using our website and provided services, you agree to the terms as described on this page which may periodically be updated without further notice

If you do not agree with the terms described below you are prohibited from using our services and product(s) and website.

License Subscription

With the purchase of any of our product(s) you're entitled to one year of ticket support and theme maintenance updates from the moment a license key has been provided to you to activate our product(s).

In order to continue to receive support and theme maintenance updates after the first year you'll need to renew your license subscription.

Theme Support

Theme support is exclusively provided via our ticket system, for any small modifications we may be able to provide an advisory role to help you achieve your goal, bigger modifications would require to spend more time and effort.

For this reason each support case stands on its own and requires to be evaluated as such, in such cases we can either evaluate if we can provide support ourselves or advise to you to seek assistance from a different provider that is able to work with you.

You will not receive support for 3rd party products used in conjunction with any of our themes, or how to use the WordPress software.

We are comitted to solve any theme bug(s) that prevents the theme to be used as intended, as well getting your theme set up correctly should you encounter any difficulties.

Our Refund Policy

Because we create and deliver digital non-tangible goods and due to the fraud involved with digital products we can not provide unconditional refunds, in principle all sales are final. Refund requests will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

A refund request will need to be received by us within 15 days starting from the purchase date, before a refund can be provided it's required to allow us to resolve any technical issue you may experience that prevents you from using the theme as we have intended it to function.

If for some reason we can not resolve the technical difficulties that prevent you from using the theme as we have intended it to function, we'll proceed with a full refund of the purchase price.

Technical theme difficulties in regards to a hosting provider that is not compatible with any of our theme(s) does not warrant a refund, we will guide you on your way to a compatible hosting service.

Should you have any questions regarding our theme(s) before your purchase, please know that we are happy to answer your questions to clear up any doubts if the theme meets your needs.

Ownership and Liability

It's not allowed to claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, being that modified or not modified.

Theme Modifications and Warranty

Our products are provided "as is" and any theme modifications should be performed by using a child theme, once we issue an update and you will update the parent theme that we provided your customizations will be lost otherwise.

You agree that the operators of this website are not responsible or liable in any way for any type of loss that may arrise if any modifications you apply on your own will be lost in case the parent theme receives an update.


Due to the extensible nature of the WordPress software by using external plugins, it's not possible to test the theme for compatibility with every WordPress plugin available to the public.

For this reason we can not always commit to support if there is a compatibility issue should a plugin be used that is not compatible in some sort of way with any of our themes.

External plugins are not mandatory in order to use any of our themes to work as intended, for this reason it's not possible to request a refund if the theme is not compatible with any sort of plugin.

It's required to use the latest version of WordPress to prevent any issues that may arrise from using an outdated WordPress version, we can not provide support or guarantee theme compatibility if you do not use the latest version of WordPress.