Your Own System to Park and Sell Domains and Start Maximizing Your Profits

Set up your own domain for sale template for your domains, limit time spend on domain inquiry research, and save big by not paying undeserved commissions on your own sales.
Sam Aidun
Imagine having total control over how you market your domains. Now imagine NOT having to pay up to 20% commissions on each sale.

This domain sales system is very easy to use and is perfect for my needs. Very impressive - highly recommended.

Start Saving Yourself Time & Money

Just one single WordPress installation to power every domain for sale landing page for all your domains

Is this a domain parking script or a domain for sale template?

It's a WordPress theme that goes beyond a basic HTML template, it's a complete platform to replace domain market places that restrict your success to make more and better domain sales.

Theme Features

Easy Set Up and Domain Import

You can import your domains one by one, or use a .csv file to import your domains in bulk.

Your domains can be directly configured for upon import, this saves you a lot of time and makes managing your domain sales via as easy as a walk in the park.

Sell With or is commonly used for domain name transactions, is government licensed and has been used in countless domain transactions ranging from low to high value domains.

You can even send a domain directly to as easy as publishing a post.

Prefer Paypal for certain transactions? - No problem, a simple configuration is all that is needed to get you started.

Option To Charge For Inquiries

Connect with potential buyers that show more commitment and motivation to buy your domain.

By imposing a small fee on form inquiries you can weed out low interest buyers, this helps you optimise your time and resources to manage your domain inquiries.

Know Your Buyer

Allow yourself to obtain basic and advanced background information on offers you receive.

Knowledge that might take you a long time to collect can now be retrieved in a single click!

Retrieve personal and company information, various online sources can be tapped into at the click of a button to find information that can help you negotiate more effectively.

Domain Offer Message System

Communicate back and forth with prospect buyers from within your WordPress dashboard to negotiate a domain sale.

Maintain a tight ship and keep domain inquiry activity organized by storing offer and message history separately for each domain.

Include Video Option

Benefit from the power of video to market your domain name and increase your chances to make a sale.

A good video, a general video, or even a video specifically tailored for a single domain can really help get your message accross.

Host your videos on YouTube and embed them on your sales page(s) and enjoy the increase in sales.

Besides YouTube you can also use's video hosting platform, a very solid solution for domain sellers that love to use Wistia's analytics and user engagement options.

Publish Your Domain Portfolio and Content!

Aside from parking your domains and setting up domain sales landers, you can also set up a website to allow visitors to browse your domain portfolio.

Promote your services, create blog posts, your own site to power your domain sales.

  • Home Page
  • Regular Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Domain Portfolio
  • Domain Search

Start Owning Your Leads & Make More Money on Your Sales

  • Pay less on sales commission and put more profit in your pocket.
  • Retrieving information on your leads on first contact can greatly help with your negotations.
  • Reduce time spend researching domain inquiries.
  • Start optimizing your profits and time you spend on domain sales

(Annual Pricing)

The Domain Sales Theme comes with a single price that is valid for one site and provides 1 year of ticket support and theme maintenance updates.
cPanel Hosting Required

Server requirements: Although a regular shared cPanel hosting plan can be used, it is recommended (mainly for larger domain imports) to use a VPS or dedicated hosting account powered by cPanel.

Specialized WordPress hosting services that do not use cPanel are not compatible and should not be used in conjunction with the Domain Sales Theme.


Due to cPanel's technical limitations domain parking functionality can only work if the Domain Sales Theme is installed in the root directory of your hosting account.